Thai Chicken Tacos

Thai Chicken Tacos

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In my last box from Thrive, I tried a few new products that called out to me. Some of them I had tried in Denver a couple of months ago at the Great Grain Free Festival and wanted to give the companies a go. This recipe uses three of those products; Yai Thai’s Almond Sauce, Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce, and Otto Cassava Flour mix which I made tortillas out of. Super simple and quick, these Thai Chicken Tacos came together in about an hour. And so pretty too, wouldn’t you say?!


Thai Chicken Tacos


½ lb chicken tenders

½ C Yai Thai’s Almond Sauce

Cabbage Slaw

1 C shredded red cabbage

½ green apple, diced finely

½ C English cucumber, diced

2 T cilantro

½ a large sweet onion, minced

½ C Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce (you can also use just regular mayo if you prefer)

1 T Sirarcha sauce (adjust to taste if you don’t like spicy)

(*The cassava flour tortilla recipe is on the back of the Otto flour bag. I don’t want to commit copyright infringement by posting it here. I am a librarian, for heaven’s sake!)

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Lay chicken tenders in a shallow baking dish and baste with the almond sauce. Pop those bad boys in the oven for 25-30 minutes. That’s it. Super easy.
  3. In a mixing bowl, mix all ingredients of cabbage slaw together. Refrigerate until chicken is done.
  4. Make those tortillas (or you could definitely use those little street taco tortillas or Siete foods tortillas instead!)
  5. Once chicken is cooked, dice tenders into small piece.
  6. Lay chicken in a tortilla, top with more Almond sauce and the slaw. You could also add more cilantro. Serve immediately.

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