Is Clean Eating on a Food Stamps Budget a Pipe Dream?

Is Clean Eating on a Food Stamps Budget a Pipe Dream?

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I’m on a mission. My goal: to bring clean eating to EVERY income level. It’s possible. I know it is. So this week I’m going Paleo(ish) on a food stamps budget. I looked up the national average and for one person, it’s roughly $38 a week. Phew! That’s going to take some thought. Although I know that 1) most people on food stamps aren’t a household of one so they’d get a bigger budget and 2) they’re given a monthly amount, not a weekly amount. I however, am challenging myself to just one week’s worth.

I went grocery shopping yesterday to Sprouts and Safeway and picked up a few things. I shopped the sales ads and everything I chose was on sale.

Here’s the list:

  1. 2 sweet potatoes (@ $.88/lb): $.92
  2. 3 Organic Valley Lactose Free Plain Yogurts (@ $1 a piece): $3
  3. 1 spaghetti squash (@ $.88/lb): $1.54
  4. 2 green apples  (@.88/lb): $.45
  5. 2 cucumbers ($.50 ea): $1
  6. 1 lb bag of carrots: $.77
  7. 1 dozen cage-free, organic eggs: $2.50
  8. 1 head of Iceberg Lettuce: $1
  9. 1.5 lbs chicken tenders (@ $1.88/lb): $2.80
  10. 1 lb grass fed ground beef: $4
  11. 1 can tomato paste: $.50
  12. ½ lb coffee: $2
  13. Applegate Hot dogs: $4
  14. 1 bag frozen cauliflower: $1
  15. 1 bag frozen green beans: $1
  16. 1 lb butter: $1.50
  17. 1 jar Newman’s Own Organic Sauce: $1.25 (this was on sale PLUS I had a coupon!)

I also have a few things in the house from Thrive Market that I’ll use

  1. Almond Butter: $3.50 (The whole jar cost me $7 but I’ll only use half)
  2. Califia Farms Almond Creamer : $3.23
  3. ½ lb Barney Bakery Almond Meal: $2.62

In addition, I still have onions, potatoes, and garlic that I picked at Miller Farms several weeks ago that I’ll add to my stock. I justify these free additions because I know many food pantries give produce away. My church does as well as Care and Share.

Grand Total: $38.65

My first meal of my challenge week was hot dogs, potatoes, and eggs. I know, weird combination, but this a staple in the Finnegan household! I grew up with it. And it’s high in protein and quite filling. That along with coffee (I’m a coffee every day kind of girl) got me off to a great start this morning!

Follow along on my Instagram stories this week as I show that clean eating is attainable at any budget level! I’ll also do a wrap up on the website at the end of the week.