Gluten-Free Graveyard Dirt Cake

Gluten-Free Graveyard Dirt Cake

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I’m not a cake fan, for the most part. Never have been. It’s mostly the frosting I’m not big on. Mousse cake, I’m fine with. Or a whipped cream frosting? Yes, that’s good too! But a ton of that cheap, sugary frosting? No thank you. So instead of birthday cake, my mom used to make me dirt cake for my birthday growing up. Today, I’m bringing you a spin on the classic dirt cake, with a treat perfect for Halloween: Gluten-Free Graveyard Dirt Cake!


This recipe for Gluten-Free Graveyard Dirt Cake is generously sponsored by Sweets & Treats and Treat Street USA. All opinions are my own. 


When you’ve got food allergies, many times you end up having to make your own treats, because nothing on the market perfectly matches what you need! I ended up having to make my own tombstones (that recipe is coming next week!) and my own dairy free pudding. But that’s ok! Because when you make something from scratch, you’re sure to know what’s in it! And homemade ALWAYS tastes better, right?!

The pudding base for this gluten-free graveyard dirt cake is so decadent and chocolaty. I lightened it up with a tub of dairy free Coco whip. You don’t have to do this. Using plain pudding is just fine too, but the coconut whipped cream gives your dessert a refreshingly light texture, more like mousse. You could also make your own coconut whipped cream, if you’re so inclined. (If you do that, please come over and teach me! I have yet to master the technique of homemade coconut whipped cream!)

I did use store bought oreos for the “dirt”. Glutino’s oreos are gluten free and dairy free so they work well for me. Walmart also has a gluten free version of Oreos that’s dairy free too. I’ve not tried them though so I don’t know how good (or bad) they are. Anyone tried them before that wants to provide feedback? Tell us in the comments below!


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graveyard dirt cake
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Gluten Free Graveyard Dirt Cake


For the Dairy Free Pudding

  • 1 14 oz can coconut cream don't use light, I used Thai Kitchen's
  • 1 tsp arrowroot starch
  • 4 tbsp high quality cocoa powder I used Divine
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract I used Adam's Extracts
  • 1 pinch sea salt

To create cake

  • 1 recipe dairy free chocolate pudding
  • 1 tub coconut whipped topping I used Coco Whip
  • 1 package gluten free oreos I used Glutino's
  • 2 tbsp black sprinkles I used Sweets & Treats
  • 4 gluten free chocolate cookies, shaped into tombstones
  • orange gel frosting
  • pumpkin sprinkles I used Sweets & Treats
  • 2 Treat Street USA gummy zombie hands


Make the pudding:

  1. In a small saucepan, whisk together maple syrup, arrowroot starch, and cocoa powder.

  2. Add coconut cream and stir to combine.

  3. Heat over medium heat until simmering. Don't bring to a boil, because it will boil over!

  4. Whisk till the mixture starts to thicken. Add vanilla extract and salt and continue whisking till combined.

  5. Remove from heat. Pour into a heat safe bowl and refrigerate overnight. Pudding will thicken as it cools.

Make the cake:

  1. Take pudding out of refrigerator. Stir in coconut whipped topping (about 4 cups) till well combined.

  2. Pour pudding mixture into a 9x9 baking dish.

  3. Grind up oreos to make the "dirt". I used a food processor, which is easiest, but you can also crush them in a ziploc if necessary.

  4. Pour oreo crumbs over the top of pudding. Sprinkle chocolate sprinkles over the oreos to make it look a little sparkly and more realistic.

  5. Using orange frosting, decorate the tombstone cookies as desired. Place the cookies and the zombie hands in the pudding to create your graveyard. Sprinkle some pumpkin sprinkles around as a finishing touch.

  6. Keep graveyard dirt cake refrigerated until ready to serve.

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